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Repurposed pottery for planters


I seem to remember some time ago someone on here was wanting to find some pots that looked like skulls. Here are two, I have had them for some time and don't know what to do with them. They are dollar store fodder, so probably the equivalent of pot metal that has been chromed. They are, however, glazed, except for a small part of the bottom. So if you wished you could seal that and use them in some sort of tray system. Size is app. 7" by 5" tall.

Should these be of interest to you, pony up the postage and you got em. Or if two people want one each, blah blah, blah. Should more than one person have interest, you all figure out a system that is fair to all and we can use that. Ciao!

I'm definitely interested, do you have any idea how much shipping would be?
Not sure, but size being an issue more than weight. They don't weigh that much. I think the bigger issue is to box them in styro peanuts or such with about three or four inches of "crush room" all around so they arrive safely. I once packed up an antique green glass oil lamp and shipped if from Mass, to my home in Texas, but with only about a half inch of clearance. I got a neat pile of green glass shards for my efforts. I would think under ten bucks, though.