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regia tough as old boots

my regia's got hit by frost and had not formed proper winter buds,thought they were for the for the compost heap ,but these guys just aint going out like that,they want to live,this one is by far the slowest to come back to life but on closer inspection it seems to of formed a new plant to the side of the pot so in the interest of science i had an even closer look,i was pretty surprised to find it is sprouting from the murky depths of the pot moral of the story,don't give up on these little guys,they are tougher than you might think:0o:
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No kidding! That little guy must have been adamant to make that stretch. :)
You may have a cultivar in the making here, to go along with 'Big Easy'. D. regia 'zombie'? :)
Most of the South African Drosera will come back from the roots if you give them the chance. I'll usually wait at least six months before throwing them out. Even then I will inspect the roots to see if there is any growth that hasn't emerged yet.

If you want to help things along, dig the roots up and lay them out horizontally just below the surface. Covering them keeps the roots moist and the growth has less distance to travel. Placing the roots horizontal seems to stimulate more growth points too.
An amazing recovery! I'll keep a light on for mine.