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red throat leuco x alata


we found this in the yard and thought it was interesting. Have you ever seen a leuco x alata like this?
you found that in your yard wow its a nice plant
That is a gorgeous sarr! More pics please :drool:
Wait, I don't get it... What do you mean you "found it in the yard"? Either 1) you own a sizable piece of bog in the southeast, 2) you are very unaware of the plants in your own collection, or 3) "the yard" actually refers to a natural location you visited...? LOL :D
He he.
Either way, it's a beautiful plant! Thanks for sharing

P.S. based on the information available and the natural looking surroundings in the pic, I'm voting for option 1: you own a piece of bog in the southeast. In which case you are one lucky son-of-a-gun!

Is this the case?
Option 1 sort of. I live on Bob Hanrahan's carnivorous plantation.
Beautiful specimen, cultivar-worthy :D I'm a fan, the color contrast is amazing!
Mike, how do I live on Bob's property too:)? Very nice mike!
I haven't talked to Bob in a long time.I've been meaning to head over that way,but it never works out.Nice plant!
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I want!!