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Re-introducing myself, after a long time inactive on the forum.

Hello folks. My name's John. I've been a member of this forum since 2007, although the past few years I've been fairly inactive.
I figured a re-introduction was in order because I've changed so much as a person from when I first joined, and no doubt there are new members to the community. Back in 2007 I was in the eighth grade, just about to enter high school. I had no job, no car, and I still had some growing up to do. Looking back I made a lot of dumb posts and asked a lot of foolish questions.
As of now, I have a car, I have a job, and I'm engaged to a girl I first met in high-school in my horticulture class. Our love of plants, among other things, helps bind us together. We live together in small city, population 1800, plus or minus a few. When I first joined the forum, I lived in Salem, population 157,000+
Let me tell you about my work. I make compost. Every week my job-site takes in takes in 600 or so tons of yard-debris. My coworkers and I water the crap out of it and move it around with big machines, then screen it with a trommel to take out sticks, stumps, and stones. When I first started this job I didn't know how to operate any heavy machinery. Through work I've learned to operate excavator, tub-grinder, front-loader, box truck, and more. I'm lucky enough to work at a place that is close to my heart. To make a long story short, I lived where I currently work for, 5 years as a kid. Anyways, I'm making it a goal to be on the forum more often, so that I can re-connect with the community.

Now for some photos! :D

Here's a photo of me at work. I pride myself in being hairy!

Here's one of the machines I operate. I load semi-trucks with this regularly.

Last but not least, here is my fiance. = )
Welcome back to Terraforums! Nice pictures!