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R. Dentata

I bought 1 dentata seed and 3 gorgonias seeds. Seeds of gorgonias are more common than dentata, but dentata have been very difficult to obtain.I want to germinate them all. I have gibberellin in my house.However, I found information that smoking is required to germinate loridula. Please tell me whether smoking is good or gibberellin is good.
I can't answer your question about whether gibberellin is an appropriate substitute for smoke.

However, and you're probably aware, my understanding is that the appropriate inexpensive "liquid smoke" product from the supermarket can substitute for building a fire. I'm sure there's plenty of information about this online. I did a quick check, and found one product, but with other, likely unwanted ingredients (vinegar, molasses). However, this one seems to have just water and "smoke flavor".

Edit: I don't know why it gives "robot or human" above. It works when I click on it. It's a link to a Walmart product description.

Possibly you could combine gibberellin and liquid smoke in a soak? I assume people have looked into this?
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