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Quick question on Substrates before I assemble them!

So i've searched this site's threads and many google sites to try and come to a clear consensus on substrates, it doesn't seem there is on (Which is ok! there probably will never be ha!). So this isn't exactly a question about "What substrate should I use", since there are tons of topics devoted to that (Very useful information too!). I know i've made a lot of topics, Im just excited is all!

I have learned however:
  • 100% Mineral Mix seems better
  • MVP Turface/APS seems to be highly preferred (Although I heard one person say theirs did poorly in it? Not sure why)
  • Vermiculite seems maybe not good due to it breaking down
  • Top watering is preferred (This seems debated however)

But i've decided to go ahead and try and gather my materials for repotting quite a bit of pings (You can see my grow list in my signature). From reading A WORLD OF PINGUICULA I "think" all of the ones I have chosen should be ok with this media (although I have doubt with the moctezumae x gigantea). I've heard moctezumae likes it's a little wetter, that seems to be the only one that sticks out that "might" not work, guess i'll just have to see how it goes with it. I might just have to separate it from the others.

That being said, I think i've sort of decided on 3 media mixes i'd like to go with. (BTW These will all be in 4 inch pots). Im really trying to narrow down which one will be better. (Sadly a lot of the old topics pictures are no longer active, so I wasn't able to see some people's mixes).

Mix 1: (Equal parts of each)
- APS (Since I can't find MVP Turface anywhere, BTW will the additional "Zeolite" hurt anything that in the APS stuff)
- Silica Sand (Probably #20 Pool Filter sand since it's accessible)
- Perilite
- Lava Rock OR Pumice (they seem like they are basically the same thing correct?)

Mix 2: (Equal Parts of each)
- Perilite
- Silica Sand
- Peat

Mix 3: (Equal parts of each)
- Perilite
- Lava Rock/Pumice (The crushed kind)
(This one would be the cheapest, but I feel like maybe the media might be "too" well draining, I guess I could always add peat into this one as well).

I mention these 2 mixes, because I wonder if having Peat in the mix is "worthwhile" just for the wicking factor, also im used to the water holding effect of Peat and I of course don't want my pings to dry out (Although i've heard they can handle dryness pretty well).

I plan on top watering (Just whenever the soil starts to look dry). Im not sure if this is a good idea, or if I should just stick to the tray method. Due to space on my table (With my light), I'd actually prefer NOT using the tray method. But i'd like to get some input from those that top water vs using the tray method.

Im leaning Towards Mix 1, but Im concerned mainly about finding the sand.

Any thoughts?

all your ping are horticultural hybrids , therefore more tolerant to peat .

for me you can use peat in the substrate , but let just wet between two watering.

if you happen to taxa, rather uses more mineral substrate

I think you're making this too complicated. As I understand it, people generally just fill a pot with turface, no need to mix anything. There are some species that don't like the all mineral mixes, but most should do just fine in it.
Yeah your probably right, the only thing im really debating now is adding in some sort of calcerous mineral to the mix (IE: Crushed coral shells for example).....most people don't seem to have it in the mix however (Although I wonder if the pings get nutrient starved in that case). Seems this may only be needed for a select few pings from what Im reading however (p.gypsicola I think?)

I hope the API brand APS which contains Zeolite won't be harmful, it seems to have very little Zeolite with it. Has anyone else used APS with zeolite in it and it work out ok?
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