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Quick mini-bog question

I'm going to be assembling a container bog garden soon and I'm just wondering how often I'll need to repot?
It depends on how fast the plants grow and how wet you keep it and what you use for a media. Maybe once per year or eery other.
How big a container? I'd expect to get several years before having to change medium. I have some plants in pots that haven't been repotted for 25 years (Cephalotus and Drosera regia) but that is exceptional.
The one I'm going to use is 14 inches across, and it'll have several flytraps, a few sarracenia, drosera, and a ping. Unless it looks too crowded, then I might leave one or two out and save them for another container garden.
At that size I would think about 3 years and then you'll have to thin out and redress anyway