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Question regarding Nep bug attack.

Hello everyone....I am a bit troubled by the attack (mealy bugs) but the Bayer Advance Rose and Flower did the job at killing them. My question is do most highlanders bounce back from such an attack? I ask this because some don't look good....the bugs are gone, but the plants don't look good at all. Just interested in some other growers experiences with bug attacks/recovery.

Thank you
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Oh well......I guess most here on this forum haven't had mealy bug problems. Well, I have and I have killed them dead for trying to attack the plants that I love.....so if anyone here has an issue with these dam bugs, just ask me and I will gladly let them know my experience in fighting them and direct them to what I used to kill them dead. My Nepenthes' that were attacked by them seem to be doing well now. Only time will tell in that regard.

For those that are curious and experienced more than I.....I will offer this information.........my petiolata (from Tony) and sanguinea "orange" (from Dean) never missed a beat even though they were affected horribly by these bugs. As soon as I sprayed (repeatedly) those bugs dead they gave me pitchers as a rewared for the care I gave them.....Man, I love those plants because they are just warriors in my opinion. My other plants might not have faired as well but I will continue to care for them to give them every chance for recovery because it is my duty to do so. I have grown an amazing variety of highlanders and I haven't lost one yet....I am determine to not loose one now to ******* mealy bugs!!! These Nepenthes that I have have given me an amazing amount of facination and joy in return for my care...it is the least I can do to return the favor. That is all I have to say.

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Good work i dont have any experiences with mealy bugs but just give them some tlc and theyll bounce back
Thanks kevnep....I appreciate your response. I was waiting for someone to respond. You actually were one of two forum members that responded to my other thread that I wrote in regards to those member on the east coast that are/was being hit by the superstorm Sandy. kevnep, your a good fellow member here and alright in my book. Thanks kevnep....I consider you my friend from South Africa.
Oh something more i would do is to just keep them in a lower light higher humidity area, treat them like you would a plant just out of tc
Wish I'd seen this as I've had my share of mealybug attacks as well. The plants should recover fine, but don't be surprised if they put out several basals to make up for the damage done on the main shoot. Also, make sure you check the nooks of the plant leaves (they may still be hiding in there). A quick and easy way to eliminate them is by spraying with 50/50 water alcohol. They will turn brown, signaling that the mix has done it's job. Just curious, but do you have any pictures of the plants now?
You may want to repot the plants, too, just as a precaution. One of the worst characteristics of mealies is that they have a tendency to go back into the soil, where they're extremely difficult to eradicate.
Thanks everyone....I really appreciate the help. I was very, very troubled about these mealy bugs. I am not exactly experienced in growing Neps but I have learned alot from reading all the threads on this forum. To tell the truth, I first noticed my plants were not looking very healthy so I adjusted temps., light levels, humidity, watering intervals....ect. Pretty much everything to try to simulate there natural requirements. I grow mostly Highlanders so that means to give them cooler nights. Surprisingly, my conditions here in Seattle work really well for them. Anyway, after a about half a year (and I am embarrassed to say this) I finally noticed the problem. I should have checked for this earlier now that I think about it but I thought because they are inside, I am safe in regards to pests. At least, pests other than ants and flies. I learned from this for sure and I can offer this information........

1. The Bayer Advance Rose and Flower does work very well on mealy bugs. They were dead upon the first spraying. I think I would rather use a 50/50 water alcohol mix like lance suggested instead though just because it is not as toxic. But I am indeed happy that the Bayer did work. I was really upset at these bugs attacking my plants and nuking them was just fine with me.

2. The plants that were affected by these bugs came from a particular grower. I don't want to get in trouble by mentioning the grower but I did find that interesting. However, I don't blame the grower at all because mealy bugs are a bit different from other pests. At least, that is what it seems from the information about them. I really should have noticed the bugs earlier and sprayed soon after receiving them. One thing that is really amazing about Nepenthes plants is that most specimens from this grower never pitchered once for me (that is why I thought my growing conditions here need to be adjusted). Anyway, as soon as I sprayed the plants they started pitchering and I mean within a week I had three pitchers starting to form from tendrils with just bulbs on the end. These plants are just amazing.

3. My sanguineas "orange" slowed down but stayed perfect with green, non-blemished leaves and a few pitchers still forming here and there even though they had alot of the the pests. As soon as I sprayed they really took off. I am just totally amazed with the strength of this type of Nepenthes. In my opinion, they are probally the most "bullet proof" of all highland Nepenthes plants.

4. My truncata and truncata hybrids suffered the most as well as my maxima plants.

kevnep, I would have never thought about giving them lower light/higher humidity levels but that is what they have now considering that winter is starting in Seattle now. My first instincts was to give them alot of light and I did put them under the grow lights for about 4 to 5 hours.......they started to burn almost immediately. At least all the new growth after spraying so your advice makes alot of sense. I guess they are still recovering and a bit tender now so I will be more careful and follow your advice.

lance, I would rather use the 50/50 water alcohol mixture you suggested and I will from now on just because it is less toxic of a solution. I prefer to use something like that so thanks for that. Also, I will indeed check the nooks and cranies of my plant leaves for sure from this time on. lance, I have been meaning to upload pics of my plants just because I am very proud of my experience trying to grow these. I even moved to a better apartment that had better conditions to grow these plants :-)) No kidding. What is keeping me from uploading pics is that I don't have high speed internet. I will try to pm some pics to you if you don't mind. That is very nice that you ask and thanks for asking to see my plants. lance, I had to smile when I read what you wrote....."don't be surprised if they put out several basals to make up for the damage done on the main shoot". I hope that happens!!!! I smiled because Nepenthes' are just amazing plants and I am so blessed that I have the chance to grow them. I'll be looking for basals. I purchased some plants from Tony that arrived and had basals and I was so happy...he sent me two plants for the purchase of one and they are now seperated and growing nicely. It doesn't get any better than that. :-))

mato, I am going to repot them all by this Monday. I was thinking of doing so but I just didn't....now since you mention it, I am going to go ahead and do it and take care of it once in for all. I know why you mentioned that and even though I have more than a few plants I should be prepared to change the soil at the "drop of a hat" if need be. I used to be worried about damaging the plants but not any more after these bugs were crawling around in my soil. I read some threads on this forum and online that mentioned the same thing that mealy bugs extremely difficult to eradicate. That is why I was very happy to see them dead. I have sprayed three times now and I checked them daily with a flashlight at night just in case they were wiser than I and I just can't find any. I am so relieved. But I do thank you for the warning. I will keep checking even after I change the soil and I might even start some sort of periodic treatment whether I see them or not.....that is why I like the 50/50 water alcohol mixture that lance mentioned. I have no problem using that every once in a while just in case.

Thanks kevnep, lance and mato for the help!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it very,very much and it helped me alot!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this forum is just terrific. If it wasn't for this forum I would be growing Nepethes plants in a vacuum :-))

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Im glad to be of service, whenever your plants have suffered through attacks its best to give them low light and high humidity because thatll help them. If you give higher light immediately they may burn or worse rot, i had to learn this the hard way
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Well, I have to say that I would have never thought to keep the light low and the humidity high for any reason but I did just that and I have to say that some of my plants have just "busted out" with new leaf growth at what seems to be a much faster growth rate.....and some even started to produce what will certainly be pitchers on the end of tendrals that have been just sitting dormant for like months.

Man, I kick myself for not noticing that my plants where under mealy bug attack. It seems as if my plants trusted me and were waiting for me to deal with this menace....like they trust me to do so all along. Makes me wonder if mealy bugs are a natural preditor in there world. I can honestly say that I have learned alot from this even though it was most disturbing to experience. It is just amazing how truly resilient Nepenthes' are. Man, I love these plants.

Thanks kevnep, mato, and lance. I really appreciate the help very much and I am so grateful that you guys are on this forum. I actually would be surprised if I lost any of my plants were before I thought I would surely loose a few. Thanks everyone!!!!!

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I just wanted to say one more thing if I may.....I read something from Tony a long time ago on this forum that "good things happen slowly, bad things happen quickly." He wrote this in regards to someone here on this forum that was having trouble with one of his/her plants. Man, I have to say that is exactly correct and those are incredibly helpful words of wisdom for sure. I just wish Tony would post more these days......but it is good that he still has Nepenthes for sale that we can all purchase :-))