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question about rooting nepenthes cuttings

whoops! meant rooting.

how big does one let the roots get before potting the cuttings individually?
I make my cuttings and pot them immediately, I've never had anything root in water successfully, they just get gross.

Make the vine cutting with 2 leaves and an inch or so of stem above the top leaf, cut the bottom leaf off at the stem and cut the top leaf in half. Make a few shallow slits on the lower part of the stem that you will plant and then soak in pure R/O water or R/O water and a few drops of superthrive to give the cutting a little boost, let them soak for about 15-20 mins to get real hydrated. Then wrap the lower end in moist long fiber sphagnum moss (live or dead doesn't matter) and place in a 2" square seedling pot and cover the cuttings with a clear jiffy tray or place in a terrarium so they stay about 80-90% humidity while rooting/re-establishing. Mist the remaining leaf on your cuttings every day or two until the new growth emerges from the node just above the remaining leaf. Once you get a few fully formed new leaves with small pitchers on them you can be sure you've got some good root growth and you can repot into a bigger pot with your standard growing media if you like to use more than just LFS.
My first thought was: to actually determine how far along the developing root system is, you'd have to uproot the cutting or otherwise disturb the roots significantly. That is something I'd suggest you avoid doing. For me, each cutting gets its own 3" pot, and the cuttings can remain in that pot for up to a year before they actually need potting on to something larger. Resist the urge to fiddle with rooting cuttings! :)
aye.......i have 3 sharing a single 4 inch pot....didn't anticipate such a high strike rate first time around. In the future I will take the advice about individual potting. Also the media I used for rooting is different too....basically 70% LFS and 30% verm which seemed to work really well but I do not wish to use it longer than I have to for my lowland terrarium.....tends to hold too much water. I haven't touched them yet but judging from the foliage they have grown roots for sure. I want them to function well enough to work in my standard lowland mix which is 65% perlite 20% peat and 15% orchid bark.

not sure if there is a development cycle for the young roots which is my main motivation for asking. I didn't want to stick them into a normal mix and have them not be able to absorb water. I suppose I could supplement but making a 1.5 in ball of the LFS/verm mix around the roots and pot them in the normal mix that I use/seems to work for me.
It is worth bearing in mind that not every cutting that grows and pitchers has roots underneath it. I was given a cutting from a Splendiana hybrid a year ago, and within a month of potting the cutting, it was growing new foliage. Four months later it had three pitchers! However, I discovered that it had not yet made a single root, and it took another month before it did so.