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Question About Mineral Content of Water

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BS Bulldozer
Hi! I was wondering, are there any CPs which are able to be kept long term watered using water containing approx 190ppm of tds?
Well, Mexican butterworts shouldn't really mind, but as far as I know, 190 is a bit too high for most others. Some Nepenthes can tolerate levels of 100ppm for periods of tome, but generally not long term.
Your best bet would be Pinguicula and Drosophyllum, but I wouldn't be surprised if Cephalotus, Heliamphora, or Nepenthes could handle it.

Remember, there are a lot of "facts" about cultivation that aren't necessarily true. Not a lot of people actually go out and try it for themselves.

edit: Probably should have prefaced that with "as long as you occasionally flush with low tds water."
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I use RO/DI filtered water. Dilstilled, or rain water can also be used