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Question about growth tips

I have a question about my growth tips. I just want to see if they are growing normally or i am doing something horribly wrong. The first is my hamata x burkei that is reviving from transportation. looking better with green coming back to the yellow leaves and the second is the same type and a greener looking growing tip. I couldnt find any hard facts about how the tips are supposed to look and i am curious as to what anyone has to say on the matter. the links are below but ill attempt to add the pictures directly. (no promises)


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top one is a bit fat - If I saw that on a bigger plant I would check for a flower. but that plant is probably too small
other than that - they look good. no need for concern
From what i can see, theyre just hairy baby pitchers.
From what i can see, theyre just hairy baby pitchers.

This ^
That vine will tip over, unravel into a leaf and that "growth point" will inflate into a pitcher. Its a magical process that I love watching :-D
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agreeing with everything else, both of them look fine :)
thank you everyone, i was worried the tops of them were not getting enough humidity because of the darker tops. Thank you everyone for putting my mind at ease haha