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Question about a Spag set up I have been considering for some while now...

Hi all

I have been growing a spag tray that's now very mature and I have a varied depth of 4 to 6"... which I hope to grow a display of varied traps in. I know that everyone likes deep pot's however I have many that are doing well at both of these depths. Now media should be changed every 2-4 years, does this apply to Spag as it's alive and rejuvenates everything as it grows and die's. One other question is that should I still drain the tray of water and just keep damp as per normal in media terms.

Your advise please..

Many thanks Noddy
Does no body no the answer to this?
Noddy, I must confess to wondering why, according to the title, you were using spaghetti as a growing medium. Live Sphagnum does not need to be replaced, as you correctly state it is alive. I'm not too sure of live Sphagnum being the best medium for Dionaea however, I personally use peat/perlite or peat/grit.
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Thanks fred...

Well it's a thought so as not to keep replacing and repotting I wanted to set something up then leave it to mature... well that the thought behind it. So we will see...
The sphagnum will probably outgrow the Dionaea at some point (like dormancy). I have grown both Dionaea and sphagnum for a while now, and I find that most of my species of moss prefer far wetter conditikns than VFT. Remember, VFT prefer to be moist and not damp or wet. That is when they grow best.
The second Venus Flytrap I had came in a small pot of live Sphagnum and remained there for 12 or so years. It flowered regularly each year. It might still be alive today had not my parent neglected to water it while I was away at graduate school.