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Putting together new tropical sundew tank--NEED ADVICE!

Hey there!

First of all, it's been ages since I've last posted! So hello again, everyone! Hope you've all been well! Apologies for a decade of absence, haha.

So here's the jist: I'm attempting to put together a new display tank (all potted) to fill with mostly sundews, but probably a few Cephs and butterworts as well. Leaning toward a 20 gallon long but am toying with buying multiple smaller tanks.

Here's the LED lighting I'm considering buying, largely on the kind recommendation of an acquaintance in a local Facebook group: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016CZMQEO/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A347GK6YRL6XBR&psc=1

My biggest predicament right now is figuring out how to mount these panels on a glass tank. I don't want to hang said lights from the ceiling because this terrarium will be in a living space (as opposed to a grow room/basement/garage) and I want it to look more decorative than practical. Any suggestions? Also, has anyone used these Yescom panels before? If so, how well did they perform?

Thanks, and it's great to be back!
The best way is probably to install some grates to the top of the tank so that you have something to tie the panels to. Either that or making a hood that sits over the top like you'd see in a fish tank.