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Purpurea turning brown.

I have a small plant in a 2.5 x 2.5 inch pot outside, it gets about 14 hours of light each day and is in a tray of rainwater. The tops of the pitchers are turning a dusty brown color and feel a bit dry, even though they only just grew. Also, something looks like it was munching one one of them, I'll post pics ASAP. Any chance it could be brought into a terrarium in order to keep insects off of it and control it's growing conditions?
It doesn't sound particularly damaging, and bringing it indoors would probably create more problems than it would solve. I've had this happen to me too, but it only happened on the older pitchers, and the plant eventually grew out of it.
In my experiences, Sarrs do better outside than they do in a terrarium. How do the roots look?
Is the plant in an area where the weather is hot and dry winds are common? Could be the edges of the leaf are just drying out, happens a lot to me here in CO. Or if the plant is used to higher humidity at all then an acclimation period will involve new leaves drying at the edges for similar reasons...
How long has it been outside and did it ever dry out? The small size of the pot will make it very susceptible to drying out quickly and as hcarlton says if it isnt used to being outside the roots arent used to the additional transpiration caused by wind so dry out.
Pictures would be of assistance

It dried out once I think, but other than that it hasn't. It's growing two new leaves/pitchers. (One of them is a lot more broad than normal pitcher, and has no trap part, the other one is normal), and the only light brown ones seem to be an old one and one that wasn't formed very well. Also, I've been finding what looks to be small(two inch long, very thing, look like purpurea otherwise) purpurea pitchers lying around in my sphagnum trays, but no roots to speak of. This normal growing patterns for babies?
My Sarracenia Rosea seems to do that to old pitchers as well. I have new pitchers that are 2.5x-3x the size of the older ones now, the little old pitchers are starting to turn brown at the tips. I have seen pictures of them in the wild where the plants were surrounded by dried brown pitchers, but had new larger growth. I tend to keep my plant very moist with occasional water-logging. It grows outside in the summer and is indoors in the winter. It is growing three new pitchers now, so it seems to be happy. ^_^
I never saw this on a S. purpurea, two of which I've grown for two years. If the pitchers are drying even when they're young and something's been munching on them, it could be a pest infestation.
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