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I have been experimenting with different soil combinations that are just as effective but are cheaper to create. I have noticed that bags of pumice are nearly half the price of perlite, and I was wondering if it is just as effective in draining and aerating the soil.

Experts please post you opinions!

Any material that is inert, relatively non-absorbent have pretty much the same properties for breaking up soil. It doesn't matter if it is sand, broken glass, lava rock, pumice, perlite, or Styrofoam. Pumice is more dense than perlite so by weight you need to use more to get the same volume. In the end you may end up paying the same, e.g. using 2 oz (by weight) of pumice vs 1 oz of perlite to make a 1 to 1 potting mixture. It depends on if it is being sold by weight or volume. Another advantage is that pumice doesn't break down as much as perlite does. A plus if you only change your media every 4-5 years.
Thank you.

I am going to give pumice a go then:grin:

Good Growing,
Where do you fine pumice? I haven't had any luck finding stores that carry it. Perlite floats away everytime I get a hard rain.
Oh yeah, other advantages of pumice is that it doesn't float as much as perlite (some of it will float). Also being more dense/heavier pots are less likely to blow over in the wind.

You just have to shop around until you find a garden center or nursery that carries pumice.
i like lava rock but it is fairly accessible here