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Ps3isawesome's photo thread

Ps3isawesome's photo thread (Updated 3/11/2016)

I have an urge to share and want to consolidate this type of posts.

I'm very happy with my set up so I've decided to stick to this for a while or at least until Summer comes.

I am now able to drop the night time temperature in the HL terrarium down to 54 from 77 with an average of 67.

The outdoor set up has worked really well too.

Future updates to come.




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How are you dropping your HL temperatures if you dont mind me asking?

Great plants!
Thank you ^_^

I close the door and open the window to this room around 8PM. I then close the window before I go to bed. The door stays closed the whole time so the heater don't get in there.

I'd leave the window open through out the night but my alarm system requires that window closed so........ men. Other wise, it'll prob go down even further.

But the cold air is enough to cool this room down to the 50's.
Thank you ^_^

I close the door and open the window to this room around 8PM. I then close the window before I go to bed. The door stays closed the whole time so the heater don't get in there.

I'd leave the window open through out the night but my alarm system requires that window closed so........ men. Other wise, it'll prob go down even further.

But the cold air is enough to cool this room down to the 50's.

I want to try that, but my tent is right up against the window so I cant open it without moving the whole tent xD When I get growlights and move the tent, Ill give that a shot!

Its worth noting that wont work in summer though.
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Looking good! What ping is that in the front left? Next to the white pot.
thanks base drifter, it's pinguicula laueana
What species of Nepenthes is that very dark red one in your terrarium? Closest to the glass.
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the one that's next to the Heliamphora is a Nepenthes veitchii x platychila
It has awesome foilage!
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it's a tough little grower. I threw it outside during summer (high 90s and humidity in the low 20s) and it produced new pitchers. But it's def liking this home better.
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Just wanted to update on some of my plants. Hope everyone enjoy. This is prob less than 1/2 of my collection. I got tired of taking pictures........ ^_^

Some of this plants were just ravaged by a recent California rain, so there's still recovering.

King Henry - The traps near the soil is super cute

S. 'Judith Hindle' = my very first Sarracenia

S. 'Adrian Slack' x 'Judith Hindle' - Luckily it produced one trap and a new division at the bottom.

S. catesbaei "Sunrise" x flava var. rugelii - the name could be wrong because I won this from my first giveaway. This plant got invaded by ants and the S. won

Sarracenia mysterious random seedlings

D. venusta - From a giveaway, glad it's giving me tons of seeds and new growth points. I think flowering took much of its energy and now that it's stopped, it's resuming growth


D. aliciae - It was pretty much dead for the first 2 months. It's coming back strong with tons of D. capensis around the pot.

D. hamiltonii - This little guy has doubled in size after I sprinkled close to dead ants from the Sarracenia pitchers

D. capensis "Alba" and regular seedlings - Giveaway from Victoria and it's my "coral reef" pot

D. capensis and red - the white background was a mistake since you can't really see the dew, oh well

H. heterodoxa - Very first new pitcher

P. 'Tina' - the new pink is really pretty

P. 'Pirouette' - It's really amazing how pings change color in winter, love the pink though

P. laueana - the leafs are finally cleaner now that it's moved inside

N. veitchii x platychila - the biggest pitcher grew when this plant was outside

N. "Caesarion" - it came with the smaller pitcher, the other pitchers developed inside the terrarium and on a windowsill.

N. muluensis x lowii - this plant was really cute because the tendril buried itself inside the sphagnum when it was outdoors and it developed this beautiful pitcher


N. talangensis - it never developed a pitcher outdoors, and now that it's inside a terrarium 4 new growth point has developed ^_^


N. maxima x spectabilis - This is my strongest growing smaller size Nepenthes
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Nice collection and photos! I wish I could stop obsessing over Sarracenia long enough to broaden the species I collect a lil. N. maxima x spectabilis is incredible.
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I made a promise back in Nov that I'll buy plants again only if I survive this winter and next summer. I kind of under estimated the amount of work and time in the beginning. I thought of focusing on specific species but just couldn't resist on seeing how other CPlants trap insects
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Well.... most of my Sarracenias, Flytraps, and some other sundews are in dormancy. I posted my pings, helis, and some more Nepenthes last time so I'll focus on my other plants this time. My cephalotus is making a recovery so it'll be shown next time but it's doing amazing.

Nepenthes Caesarion - Since arrival, it's produced two new pitchers. The third one is quite a size jump compared to the other two

Nepenthes Veitchii x Platychila - This was one of the plants that was also fed with ants when outside. I really like the spikes and coloring on its newest pitcher.

nepenthes Talangensis - This are my first pitchers, it gave me two at a time with two more on the way. The pitchers are tubby and running with nectar.



Drosera Binata - I won this from a giveaway. It came with only a few growth points and it's exploded as expected. Plenty of little tiny new growths too!


Drosera Capensis red - It's gotten a lot taller since I got it. Hopefully it flowers soon

Drosera Capensis - My first Drosera, rescued from local nursery and it was completely dying. Now it's made a HUGE comeback. Second flower stalk is here

Drosera Spatulata - It's really cute how they clump together.

Drosera Aliciae - I counted 9 capensis seedlings. This plant has also made a huge recovery. It was burnt for a while.


Drosera Venusta - Not only is this plant giving me two new little plants, it's flowering AGAIN!!! It can't stop!

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Well, ya know, school's still in break so I spend more time with the plants. I trimmed and fed my plants. So I thought I'd take some pictures

Red Sawtooth - Well, I hope it gets bigger next year but I think it's a slow grower

Unknown from Lowes - This one has blew up like crazy. The amount of little traps is so cute

B52 - Brought this back with me from a local nursery in October. Hasn't grew much at all.

Cobra Lily - Bought this from eBay seller a couple of months ago. Hasn't produced new pitcher but I'm very excited about next year ^_^

Cobra Lily - Well bought this from local nursery in Sept and only grew two new pitchers. I hope it's doing okay....

D.Capensis - I suspected this but I bought sphagnum moss that came with two Capensis. This i guess is the remaining roots I left in there.

D.Hamiltoni - I gave up on this dried plant when I received it and tossed it in my moss. It made a come back

D.Tracyi - Another prized jewel from local nursery that is now resting. Still beautiful nonetheless

Drosera unknonw - This plant came with eBay seller's cobra lily. It was really cute and it's sleeping now

D.Intermedia capillaris - Another from local nursery, three to be exact. Though I think my two other Drosera flower stalk's seed flew on to this pot

S. Purpurea ssp Purpurea f. heterophylla from online retailer - I mean this plant was HUGE when I got it and the pitchers just seems to never die. They last for SO LONG.

My outdoor tray
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Your unknown Drosera is D. rotundifolia.
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Well, it's been almost two months since I did my last update so here Ya'll go!

Heliamphora Heterodexa - Newest pitcher and the biggest, it jumped quite in size

Darlington Californica - From Phill and since I got it back in October, it's finally putting out two new growth points!

N. robcantleyi x hamata - Newest addition to the family from ***************

N. Caesarion - Another jump in size, not much difference in looks but optimistic

N. Talangensis - After this pitcher, it's there two growth points didn't make it, hopefully it's still okay

N. Mulensis x Lowii - Hopefully this cross will carry over the special Lowii lid

N. Veitchii x Platychila - Crazy jump in size and I am loving the leopard-ish print on this one

N. Maxima x Spectabilis - My biggest and fastest grower

P. Pirouette - This little guy has changed so much and hopefully it'll wake up soon and put out new leafs

Pings leaf pulling!

D.King Henry - My first flytrap and it's turned into two plants!

D.Red Sawtooth - Not too much growth in size but def an improvement in quantity

D. death cube rescue - Can't wait to see how this one looks when it puts out longer traps

A mix of Adrian Slack x Judith Hindle , Leucophylla var Alba Hurricane Creek White Baldwin Co., and Judith Hindle

All 5 Sarracenia mixes from giveaways

D. Venusta - This is growing like cray cray

D. Binata - It's putting new leafs that forks into 3 or 4 rather than just two

D. Capensis - Wouldn't stop flowering

D. Tracyi - The first to wake up and put out flower

D. Spatulata - This one is finally looking better after winter, it's even put out new divisions

D.Intermedia capillaris - This three woke up a few days ago and it's looking really good

D. Capensis and Alba - Growing like crazy

D. Unknown seedling - My first attempt and it was a success, I didn't label it!
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Very nice! Everything is looking great.
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Thanks Dexenthes!!!! Super happy that all of them made it through winter!
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In August, it will be my second year of growing cps and I can't wait to see how big they're gonna get!

Here's my outdoor collection waking up from dormancy

My drosera collection that I've moved outside

Here are my indoor pings and I also repotted them into an all mineral mix to see if it'd help them grow.

My ceph that got attacked by powder mildew and has since recovered nicely.

Here is my indoor nepenthes