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Pruning Hydnophytum?

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This is really a question for the ant plant forum, but I know many of you grow these and I spend more time on this forum, so I'll ask here first.

I have a Hydnophytum (unidentified species) that has been growing nicely as a windowsill plant (I'm surprised by its tolerance) but, as a result, has adopted a more or less horizontal growth habit (see below). It is beginning to take up a bit too much space on the grow rack, so I'm wondering if these take well to pruning... has anyone ever tried? I've never seen one branch; my guess is that the cut stem would eventually die, in which case perhaps I ought to prune it close to the caudex?

Alternatively, I may repot it in an orchid basket and hang the thing sideways in another window, the way some people grow phals.

may be a H.formicarum (smoth caudex ) to thailand

I do not advise you to pruning the entire

you can try on a branch without and preferably not too close to the caudex

I had some satisfaction with stem cuttings on one of mine who fall and has recovered well, but hey avoided.

transplanted the cuttings in peat or sphagnum for try in the smothered.

The dormant buds in Rubiaceae are at the leaf axils. I wouldn't prune it all the way back to the caudex. Maybe leave 3 nodes, 2 if you're really needing it cut back. Never cut more than 1/3 the total plant mass off of any plant at one time. Fertilize right before you prune and thereafter. Helps with recovery.

A really safe plan would be: only nip off the end buds of each shoot. You'll create back buds and new shoots, which you can then selectively encourage or nip back. Once they are developing, you can nip back the big branches further. Takes longer, but much better for the plant's health. If you have seed, I may be interested.

Is that a D. catenatum and some Tillandsias I see in the background?? :-D :-O
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Thanks for the advice! I'll just nip the tips, then.

Is that a D. catenatum and some Tillandsias I see in the background??
Yes, indeed!! Wonder how those got there... ;) :D
Update. The plant has not branched, but it did start making a lot of flowers and fruit.

Looks like there will soon be some Hydnophytum seed(lings) in the giveaway section...