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Prototype Electric Tub

This is a 12" (30cm) tub I'm using for 3 Drosophyllum. The copper tape I already had and I put it on really to use it up. The intention was to fit up a length of an Electric Slug Fence around the tub. However, I thought if I already had a potential circuit around the tub why didn't I just wire the copper tape up. Here it is, it's a 9v battery connected to the top two copper tape rings. The slug or snail travelling from one to the other will make the circuit and Fzzzzz, a little discomfort to make it turn back.
For a connection I simply stuck on a couple of copper tape tabs and fed the wires through and twisted them on. ( I had some ready made wired croccodile clips but for some reason I couldn't get a current through them).

You're going to blow something up fred....
Slugs and snails most likely
Somehow I don't think fried slug is going to smell very good.
Smells like chicken :-O