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Predatory Nematodes?

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This is a new one on me. Does anybody here use them? Where would one buy them? Are they worth it?
This is a new one on me. Does anybody here use them? Where would one buy them? Are they worth it?
Some of the gardeners in my community garden use them for pest control (our community garden is supposed to be 100% organic). Although I have never used them, from my conversations with the other gardeners I have learned that you have to buy the right kind, as some Nematodes eat specific pests while others eat other types of pests, and I believe some Nematodes eat plants. They also do well in compost piles because of the warm and generally moist conditions, full of organic stuff. I think you can buy them at most garden stores, or a place that you would buy lady bugs; not sure though since I have never personally bought them.

Hope that helps.

Specifically, for aphids.
Specifically, for aphids.
Hmmm... you'll want to double check, but from what I remember from the garden hubbub is that nematodes do not work for aphid control. Likely because Nematodes dwell in the soil and aphids generally reside on the plant, so that wouldn't cross paths in enough frequency to control the aphid population, if nematodes even find them tasty.

How about lacewings?
I used nematodes last autumn (fall) to protect against caterpillar damage on my Darlingtonia pitchers. I've lost groups of pitchers annually to caterpillar damage and the little devils are not easy to find.
I used the Grow Your Own, spraying 3 times within the use by date and not one pitcher lost this year.
I don't see aphids in their list of pest control. Neem oil isn't that impressive. Isopropyl alcohol isn't impressive, either. I've tried CO2 - meh. Drowning is good for the short term. Ladybugs fly away. What works!?
Orthene will knock out aphids, however you have to be willing to deal with the smell. And don't use it near any edible plants.....
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It's not exactly very practical but I have found that mechanical removal of aphids is the most effective method I have used in my collection. Albeit my collection is quite small, but I had a rather harsh aphid infestation not long ago and I appear to have almost entirely rid myself of their presence using nothing but a knife.

Of course it helps to be unemployed...

Seriously though 30 minutes a day cleaning plants of aphids will kill them faster than they can reproduce.
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I've used predatory nematodes, but only on extensive outdoor plantings of several bamboo varieties, to control beetle grubs, that liked to eat bamboo roots. They appeared to be fairly effective, at this purpose.

For aphids, indoors, I've seen a tiny parasitic wasp (braconid), provide some effective control.
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Perhaps, the product, NoFly WP. It sounds promising, though I've never tried it, yet.
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Lacewings chirp.... like a smoke detector low battery? Eh.... maybe I just stick with the combination of Neem Oil and Isopropyl Alcohol.