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Pot Size & Plant Growth?


Formerly known as Pineapple
A few of my neps that are 6-8" across are in 4" pots... I have one vine that has to be at least 2ft long with a massive basal and it is in a 4" pot, but still growing like a weed. Is there a general rule for upping pot size? I would just take the plant with medium attached and stick it in a bigger pot so it wouldn't disturb the roots, but it will give it more room to grow outwards or downwards. Is that practical? Most of my plants are in 4" pots and I know it would really depend on the plant and root system, so is there a rule (like when leaves get longer than the pot is, IDK) that I could follow as far as repotting goes? I want to make my plants grow as fast as possible.

TIA! :)
mainly just a judgement call but if the plant is 2+ft tall in a 4in pot; it may be time to repot.....they say the neps grow the best when they have plenty of room.