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Pollinating Sarracenia

I have had trouble with collecting sarra seed to put in the freezer before, so I made a little disposable tool to help with this and while I was taking pics of how to make it I desided to show how to pollinate sarras for people who don't know how.

I will start with pollination.

Here are some flowers.


Now here I am lifting a petal to show you inside. The yellow things in the middle have the pollen on them.(the anthers) There is also some on the bottom of the umbrella shape on the bottom of the flower.


Now I will take you to the stigma (the place to put the pollen to pollinate.) The arrow is pointing to it.


A closer pic, the spiky thing that the arrow is pointing to is the stigma.


Now get some pollen from those anthers and put it on the stigma. You have pollinated the flower. To cross pollinate, take the pollen from a different flower and put it on the flower that you want to be the other parent. That's it. Don't forget to label the flower with the pollen parents name!


Now for that tool. The aim of it is to take pollen from one plant freeze or refrigerate it and then take it out to pollinate a flower that opens later than the other parent.

First cut out some paper like this:


Then bend the narrow section like this.


put some sticky tape around the bent end.


and trim the scoop end.


You can use it to tap the anthers for some pollen, or scope it off the bottom of the umbrella section of the flower. Now take the little bit of pollen and put it in a small zip-lock bag in the freezer or refrigerator. I hope this tool will make storing pollen easier for people.
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The arrows should show up soon hopefully!
Yeah, those are much better then mine, but the main reason was the scoop tool!

Ps. I hadn't seen that thread.
Very nice cp! This will help a lot of people as you got great close ups. Oh a good little tool:).
Thanks Kinjie, it helped to have the biggest flowering sarra species for the close ups!