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Planning a Trip to Southeast Asia (Philippines Nepenthes Expedition and Borneo)


Hey all,

It's been a long time since I have been on the ol' TF. I miss you guys! I suppose life and other obligations have been more at the center of my attention lately. Also my Nepenthes/carnivorous plant collection has been reduced to the bare bones and I hardly have any pictures worth sharing so I guess I just haven't gotten on much lately!

Anyway I have signed up for the December Philippines Expedition that's being hosted by Red Fern Natural History. If any of my expedition mates are also on TF - Hello! (You will be receiving my introduction email shortly). Anyway, traveling to and within the Philippines will be quite a trip for me but at least most of the logistics will be planned for by the company we are traveling with. Since I am already traveling to that side of the world I plan on also taking that time to travel to Malaysian Borneo as well.

I have never traveled to southeast Asia before, so this trip will be quite exciting and stressful for me. A friend of mine is planning on joining me for the Borneo portion of this trip and her and I are trying to hash out the details of what exactly we want to do in Sarawak and/or possibly Sabah. We have both decided that we are set on hiking Gunung Kinabalu. I have also decided that I must go to Mulu National Park. There are so many possible hikes and treks to go on within Mulu alone that I certainly plan on spending the full five days within the park. But we are thinking of spending 2 - 3 weeks in Borneo altogether and I don't know that Mulu and Kinabalu will appropriately eat up all that time.

My friend has never had much previous interest in Borneo so her list of "must-see" attractions isn't very extensive and my overall interest of Borneo has been mostly limited to its rainforests.

If anybody on this site has traveled to Sabah or Sarawak before and can give me any pointers towards sites that you think I should see or activities or facilities that you really enjoyed in the past or even just advice and information regarding traveling to this area of the world, please let me know. Things other than jungle treks that we would be interested in doing would be snorkeling, lounging, temple hunting, eating, shopping, etc etc. I understand there are an endless amount of options for most of these things but any outside help from people who have experienced this trip before would be greatly appreciated!

Great to hear that you're still kicking! You may want to post your info request on the Nep forum & CPUK also as they seem to have more world travelers than TF. I would also check with Snapperhead & Jeremiah if they don't respond since I know they've gone on multiple trips on that side of the world. In addition, you may want to peruse this sub-forum for the excellent trip reports. .... and finally - take tons of pics to share!! (I'm surprised to hear that you're not planning a side trip to visit N. argentii) :0o:
(I'm surprised to hear that you're not planning a side trip to visit N. argentii) :0o:

If I remember correctly, Stewart said this expedition should include Mt. Guiting-Guiting.