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Pinguicula moranensis Winter Leaves?

I've had these 2 P. moranensis growing for about 5 months. These are my first pings so I am still new to this. They had been kept wet but then winter came and their leaves looked different; a little smaller but not tiny like pictures I've seen of other pings in winter phase. I figured they wanted dry winter conditions, so I've been keeping them dry, with only a splash of water every few weeks.

Recently, I've started looking at photos of pings in winter phase again and now I am not sure if mine are in winter rest or if they are still in feeding phase, just hanging on with the little water they have been receiving.

Here are the photos, please tell me your thoughts:
Plant 1:


Plant 2:

If the leaves are thin usually with a "lip" on the margin then they are in the carnivorous phase. If they are fatter in the middle with no lip then they are in the succulent phase. This is somewhat of a generalization because not all species/hybrids have "lips" but should apply to this species. If they are in transistion from carnivorous to succulent phase they'll grow progressively shorter and fatter and the opposite when going from winter to summer phase.

If your humidity is high enough they can go without much watering.

Looks to me like your plants are in transition.
IME, moranensis does not seem to get the super small non-carnivorous leaves. The non-carn leaves on mine are pretty much the same size as the carn leaves. As NaN mentioned, the non-carn leaves are rather fat in the middle and stiffer as a result than the carn leaves. Also the non-carn leaves don't have the slimy/greasy feel that the carn leaves do. (Due to a lack of mucilage.) Also, moranensis might not form non-carn leaves at all if conditions aren't there for triggering dormancy.
Do you think the pings are going into winter phase, or getting out of it?
How should I progress at the moment? Should I keep them dry, with the occasional splash of water, or start keeping them moist again?
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So . . . what should I do with the plants at the moment? They are still being kept dry, but I'm not sure I'll know when they want to be moist again. I don't know if I'm experienced enough to see the signs.
Any thoughts?
Mine generally get the same care most of the year -- waterings once a week or two. There is usually a small amount of water in their tray after watering (maybe an 1/8-1/4 inch) but the water is long gone by the next watering. (In the summer I do water much more heavily but then they are outside for the summer on a very hot sunny balcony.)

Are you growing it in a window or under lights or outside?

Especially if on a windowsill or outside, you can probably increase the water a bit keeping them barely moist at this point. If your plants are breaking dormancy, the new leaves they will produce will be carnivorous leaves and will be a little larger, thinner, and will be a bet slimy/greasy to the touch on their upper surface. For that matter, if you look close, carnivorous leaves will have little beads of mucilage like so: