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" Pinguicula "emarginata Max"

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Lotsa blue

I"ve been amazed at the beauty and vigor of this plant but I haven't been able to find anyone who can shed light on its origins. It looks to me, and some others, to be a hybrid of some sort. Anyone know what it is or where it came from? I am wanting to register it but I would like to know what I can before I do that, if only to get the name right. Thanks for looking.
Has it bloomed for you? In some ways its pointy leaves remind me of P. Titan, but the coloration on your plant is much more vibrant.
I am still waiting for flowers but those should help. P. 'Titan' is a good guess as a potential parent and I do see the similarity. I am going on the theory that it is a hybrid, but that is just a guess.
wait for the flower .
2 solutions in my opinion 'Max' means taller than type or 'Max' is the designer then suspects a hybrid

P.'Titan ' seem to be agnata CSUF fragrant cf 'El Lobo' x macrophylla I don't see any similarities for the moment