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Pinguicula colimensis - Soil recipe?

So I recently purchased a P. colimensis that looks like it was just emerging from its succulent phase and somewhat stupidly stuck it into a standard Mexiping mix. It's been under lights on a 16 hr photoperiod and has literally not moved in weeks. I recently lifted it straight up (no roots attached) and put it into pure perlite. Will this be ok? The only vermiculite I can find has miracle grow in it and I've heard of people growing pings in completely inorganic media. Any suggestions?
well I am new to pinguicula and I only have a primuliflora but the official ping page show it growing directly in gypsum rocks in the wild


What is a standard mexiping mix? I read a few ping threads in this forum where people were growing mexican pings with incredible success using pure schultz aquatic plant soil. I don't know if that applies to this species. I figured that since no one else has said anything I would at least try to throw some ideas at you.
Oops, double post. Sorry.
Hi dionysis86. I revived an old thread about p. colimensis. Whatever the grower is doing looks great and I hope they will chime in here about the exact potting mix they use.
Hi, Your mix will be to wet ,these pings like it bone dry in winter dormant stage, as they will bury themselves later on.