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Pinguicula and trichoderma?

Has anyone tried using trichoderma on pinguicula? What would happen if you used trichoderma on pinguicula? Thanks!!!
I've used Trich on Pinguicula before. They seem to like it. I would recommend only using the Trich that's mixed with water (flowable type) and top watering the plants all over making sure to get contact on the leaves and around the base of the plant. I think the granular type of Trich (it's used dry and sprinkled around the base of the plant) could cause problems if it got onto the Ping leaves. The only carnivorous plant that I would not use Trich on are Drosera. Some react badly to it.


EDIT: I wanted to add, I know some of you are against top watering Pings. I have top watered mine for years and they get a thorough drench with my water sprayer every week. They don't have little umbrellas in the wild to shield them from the rain after all :crazy: :-D. Mine get their dew back in just a couple hours after being sprayed down.
Joseph Clemens uses the Rootshield product which contains Trichoderma as I recall. Do a search on the forum posts.
CRISSYTAL for the watering for me the capillarity is a good method , your method is also good but attention on the leaves ,to the magnifying glass effect of the water drops with the sun

Hello Jeff, I grow all my tropical plants indoors under artificial lighting. I forgot to mention that :). I can see where it could be an issue top watering the plants if they were in direct sunlight. That issue could be avoided by watering late in the evening or at night.