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Pinguicula agnata "True Blue" Dormancy?

Just wondering if my P. agnata "true blue" is going dormant. It's growing a lot of leaves but they are shorter and clumped together and not dropping down. They are currently under 5 x 4ft sunblaster t5's high output.
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Can you show us a picture?
I sure can.
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Pinguicula agnata is a Mexican Pinguicula of the homophyllous growth type, they have no dormancy, not even a mistaken dormancy, like many of the Mexican Pinguicula that simply exhibit heterophyllous growth habit. Pinguicula agnata leaves are the same year-'round, any differences would likely be due to simple variations in its environment.

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....and they are very prolific through leaf cuttiigs....
Here is a photo of a batch of leaf-pulling generated plantlets -->


If you look closely, you can see that many of these plantlets are etiolated, with elongated stems (due to being produced in lower light levels). When planted on the surface of media, laying lengthwise, and given higher light levels, many plantlets can form along the length of these stems, forming multiple plants from each elongated plantlet. Then, as they grow large enough, they need separating into individual pots, many of their smaller leaves can also be removed to create an additional crop of plantlets.