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Photo Thread of My Collective

S. 'Scarlet Belle' backlit

oreophila (can't remember which)

I think this is oreo 'Alabama' x 'Sand Mountain Clone 4'

S. leucophylla--seedling from Baldwin Co., AL population

Another sibling



S. either catesbaei, naczii, or oreo x rosea

oreophila UCDavis conservatory clone

rubra ssp rubra UGA clone

one of my 2 first CPs. About 10 years old.

oreo one of the Sand Mountains I have

2nd Sand Mountain clone

D. tracy x filiformis, backlit
Very pretty. The first pic is my fav.

I found the only photo I have of my very first carnivorous plants ever!! I still have the flava and it's one of the Sarrs above. Fast forward ten years......

Ferocactus hamatacanthus

Fenestraria rhopalophylla and auranitiaca in one pot

One of my first cacti, a native Opuntia humifusa from a granite outgrop (rare Georgia ecosystem) my wife's family used to own. It has been blasted away for a road now.

Division of my first cactus, complete with a cactus bug (Chelinidea vittiger)!



Manihot grahamii, 8 feet tall hardy tropical, in my yard.
Matucana madisoniorum, seed-grown

Echinopsis subdenudata about to BURST with giant white flowers!

Gymnocalycium baldianum

Seed-grown clump of VFTs

Flytrap bog

Still got space for more!

Darlingtonia Red plants from Alpine Site, Del Norte CA

Used clay pot sitting in water to insulate the roots and create evaporative cooling. They have handled 95+ temps in full blazing sun.... no problem

Drosera dichrosepala 'Fish Track Rd' out in full sun, appearing not to want to go dormant despite me threatening it with drydowns

allantostigma, flowering like mad, also outdoors

D. omissa x pulchella (I think)

scorpioides, outside

Byblis compot

Stylidium debile

binata Coromandel, NZ, ICPS

capensis, Botrivier ZA, ICPS--survived my greenhouse collapse! All my seeds are going to John

'Red Sumatra' x OP

Ceph seedlings in the greenhouse at work, 1 1/2 years old
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Some of the first Sarracenias I ever acquired, almost a decade ago. These were all going dormant at a non-CP nursery. The nursery thought they were dying! Mature plants for $1 each. I bought every single one! 'Daina's Delights,' some leucos, 'Tarnoks,' and 'Judith Hindles.'
Very impressive!

NOID seedling with mega potential

S. alata from Stone Co., MS

Can't remember

'Chagall' from Jay Lechtman. Naturally occurring x wrigleyana, and my favorite plant from that cross. Period. With lighting you get:

naturally occurring x harperi from GA.

flava atropurpurea, Bay Co., FL

'Reptilian Rose'

Xyris spathifolia. An exceedlingly rare wetland plant from Alabama. Described in 2009 by a friend of mine who is one of Georgia's state botanists. http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/41971825?uid=3739256&uid=2&uid=4&sid=21104279799431

Dormant pygmies, brutalized by the good ol' outdoors
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The frog pots with the cactus is genius! Very cool idea! :clap:
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Those cacti pots are one of the most brilliant things I've seen in a while.
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A very impressive collection. Everything is beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing!
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The frog pots with the cactus is genius! Very cool idea! :clap:
Those cacti pots are one of the most brilliant things I've seen in a while.
Hah! Thanks! Those are actually just little dishrag holders people usually keep near their sinks. I pick stuff like that up all the time from yard sales.

A very impressive collection. Everything is beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing!
Glad you enjoyed! Proves I'm not keeping them all alive just for myself ;)
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Quite a nice collection you have there, thanks for sharing.
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Some stapeliads blooming in my hobby greenhouse:

Orbea variegata, the first stapeliad ever discovered. Justus Heurnius, a Dutch missionary, collected it in Africa and sent it to Europe in 1639. Heurnius is also the namesake of another (albeit misspelled) stapeliad genus, Huernia.

Stapelia hirsuta
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I've spent a lot of this winter preparing to grow more and more CPs. I'm hoping to get out there as a Sarracenia breeder and catch up to some of the well-known ones who've been doing this for decades.

So, for xmas, my lovely wife let me get some galvanized metal benches at an estate sale. A couple were liquidating their orchid greenhouse--it was sad to see--but I picked up a lot of awesome new stuff. I have another Sarracenia growing area that isn't in the photo, but come spring a lot of this space will fill up with seedlings as well as serve as the summer home for the cacti and succulents in the nearby greenhouse. The trash cans, in case you're wondering, hold my various blends of soils.

Adromischus cristatus

Mammillaria hahniana, the Birthday Cake Cactus

Astrophytum ornatum

Mamm. geminispina

Mamm. spinossissima hybrid

Hechtia bromeliad, Myrmecodia tuberosa, and my "test Nep," a ventrata. So far it's handled lows of 40F regularly all winter long. Last year's "test Nep" had cold spots everywhere and eventually died. I have an N. miranda in there too, which although it halted growth has remained perfectly healthy. I am not sure what I'll do if it turns out I can grow Neps at home! The fight for plant space would become unimaginable!!

Agave lophantha, and Brasilopuntia brasiliensis in the background

Stapeliad compot.

Haworthia compot

Davallia species, a White Rabbit's Foot Fern

Dews next to lithops. I love the contrast between moisture lovers and drought lovers!

tons of other crap. I need to build real shelves. Been getting by on plastic ones.

Check out the spout on my milk jug. That is a marvelous invention.....

I think these are D. roseana, from the one roseana plant that survived outside this summer (thanks Paul!)

D GIGANTEA LIVES! My favorite dew... I really have one!! It's friggin' unbelievable! I know it's just a 4mm long shoot, but holy crap! There's an unsprouted tuber too as well as a blurry 3rd in the extreme bottom left. I mark them with cactus spines.

D MENZIESII ALSO LIVES! I love these things more than is reasonable. I cannot wait till they get bigger. The floodgates of tuberous dews will open this summer. I am going to collect them by the boatload....

D. hookeri!

Another pot of hookeri! Hookeri... weird name huh.... read about Joseph Dalton Hooker! One of the most brilliant botanists of his age. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Dalton_Hooker

filiformis "Florida Red"

filiformis, FL Red, tracyi, madagascariensis, admirabilis, x californica, dielsiana, natalensis, spatulata, burkeana (not in any order)

Platycerium bifurcatum

Cylindropuntia imbricata

Golden Barrel Cactus... you know, I really have to watch my step in my greenhouse... mistakes are costly....

Oreocereus celsianus.... one of my favorites. I love all the wooly cacti.

Wooly, you say? Well, if it isn't Cleistocactus strausii!

The columnar cacti get grouped together
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Please keep us updated on that D. Gigantea! I'd love to try to grow one some day lol, in my opinion, it's the coolest sundew out there :)
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all manner of threadleaf sundews.

Over the past 5 years I have raised a reseeding population of native red columbines from 2 original plants. I have quite a few flowerbeds, but probably dozens of flowering columbines throughout them. Love this plant to death.

x mitchelliana, my cross, purp purp x leucophylla F1, Splinter Hill Bog Preserve, Baldwin Co., AL

flava var. flava, F1, Old Dock, NC

oreo "Sand Mt. Clone 4" x leucophylla F1, Splinter Hill Bog, AL, my cross

purp burkii
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purp burkii luteola, one of three clones I have

second of three clones. I particularly love the 4-pointed cloverleaf shape of this lid.

This is the rubra "Ancestral Form" from the Fall Line Sandhills. It is an AF form of this taxon from Big Whitewater Creek, Taylor Co., GA.

'Reptilian Rose' This beast of a plant outgrows any other Sarracenia I have. By far the most monstrously vigorous thing in my collection. Thanks, Phil!

Crappy backlit shot--will try again with a sunset.

S. (leuco x oreo) x minor, a SNW plant (Thanks, Paul!)

minor F1s, Francis Marion National Forest, Berkeley Co., SC, flowering in their 2nd year

flava var. maxima and var. flava, 3-year-old F1s from Francis Marion National Forest, Berkeley Co., SC
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Im drooling right now! Really nice plants you've got going there plantman!