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Alright, I think I finally got my permits. I plan to order from Exotica Plants in Australia, and they provide the phyto-sanitary certificates and CITES permits, and expect me to provide my general permit and import stickers. Well, they didn't send me any stickers after my long wait
. Do I really need them?
Yes, you do really need permit stickers (these are affixed to your package and contain your permit number so the customs agents can verify the package) and you do need the correct forms. The government is very strict that everything is in order when dealing with importing endangered CITIES listed plants. Horror stories like told by The Griffin (a member of this board) have made me hesitant to order even from reputable places and with the correct forms/stickers.

If you have the correct permit form (PPQ form number 597; Import Permit for Plants and Plant Products). You should have recived a stack of about 20 2" x 3" green & yellow stickers.
If you have the correct form but no stickers you should have recieved a form for additional stickers. Failing this simply send the USDA a request by email with your permit number and all your information. Do not expect them to be fast moving on requests! I filed for my permit several times and eventually gave up and was shocked one day to open the mailbox and see a big packet of permit stuff sitting there (I had plumb forgotten all about it)!