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Peat Granules as D. indica media?

Not sure why you would want to use it, it isn't exactly cheaper than most typical growing media choices.
Indica likes a rather well-drained soil, so sandy or perlite components with little peat work better.
I use peat/sand and it works fine.
I used pure sand (#20 silica, sold in bulk as pool filter sand) to grow my last bunch of them a year or so ago... definitely wouldn't pay more for a special media, as it's just not worth it IMO.
Thanks all. Good to know pool filter sand is silica sand. I once bought mason sand and it turned out to be heavily limestone containing. Ended up using for cacti and Tanganyikan cichlids.
I bought play sand and made up a 50/50 mix with milled sphagnum peat moss. Sowed the seed tonight and put pot in a plastic bag. Bringing it to work tomorrow.

The peat pellets were suggested in The Savage Garden.