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:) participation in Auction


Hort. School dropout X 2
Hey Folks
I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to participate in this year's auction
too many this going on in my life Loss of 2 beloved pets, car trouble and birthday frenzy all within one week. can't manage plants at this time
Sorry to hear about your troubles (except the Birthday of course! Hope it's a great one!). As a past winner of some of your auction items I wanted to thank you for all your past contributions. They're always awesome and your generosity has been inspiring!
Lois -- I hope that everything improves for you and yours up at the nursery. . . .
Aww that's too bad, was really looking forward to bidding on your sarracenia, I hear you have the best anyone has to offer. Have a good birthday and may things get better for you! :)