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nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hi all I was wondering are the Paph's expensive to buy one? Thanks!
nep. g. i payed like $25 for the one i got at homedepot but from looking at the web pages on them they can get quit costly.
Hi george. Not bad price. Typical for hardware stores orchids. I think the Orchids Limited retailer is a good place and quite nice on prices. I may do some looking there. Thanks for the pricing info.
There's lots of good places to buy Paphs online.  For instance, I've always had good luck with Hausermann ( http://www.orchidsbyhausermann.com/ ) or you can simply browse thru the index at the Orchid Mall ( http://www.orchidmall.com/plants.htm ).

One thing to be aware of is that many orchids listed are not ready to bloom.  You would want a plant listed as 'BS' (blooming size - which means it should bloom when its blooming season next comes around) or 'NBS' (near blooming size - meaning that it has a year to 18 months to go before it blooms).  'Seedlings' can be good sized plants but they aren't going to bloom for a couple of years.

A lot of people think that the ideal plant is NBS because it is much cheaper than BS and will be completely acclimated to your conditions by the time it blooms - giving maximum time in bloom.  (Of course, you have to be willing to wait those 18 months.)

Good luck
Thank You for the great info Merlin! I will probably aim for a near blooming size plant, I can sure wait 18 months no problem. Thanks!
Nep G,
Check out your local swap meet. That's where I got mine, it was large and flowering, for $12
And Farmer's Markets. Yesterday I got a Phalaenopsis for 5 dollars.
a place called trader joes sells them for a pretty cheap price , i got full grown one for 12 bucks and it already has a dark purplish flower . I still have it but it's flower is gone btw how orchids propagate .
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There are two kinds, one that produces lots of extra bulbs over time. When you buy them, they usually have two or three at least. The other kind is one stem that keeps geting longer. Which kind do you have?
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I would have to agree with Nep.g. and vote Orchids Limited
heres the Addy: www.orchidweb.com

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Hi Guys, Does Trader Joe have a website?