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Paper redefines nepenthes taxonomy

Hello everyone,

An incredible paper has been published by a collective of botanists that completely redefines nepenthes taxonomy. Not only are a few new species groups named in this paper, but many of the previously defined species have been reclassified as hybrids.

An interesting paper, and certainly worth fetching the label maker!

Read here:


I disagree with the statement in the second paragraph, I find it to be shallow and pedantic.
Wait what!? Rajah is a hybrid!?
now im hungry, but the graph clearly shows iv had plenty of chicken for one lifetime :lol:
Holy crap! This is groundbreaking. Thank you for sharing!
@Drew, yeah that is weird.. I dont get how villosa is a hybrid with edwardsiana and venus flytrap though :scratch:
Lolz. Nice.