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PAID (tjwilt $55) Mike King F82 - flava rubricopra Holley, FL

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Sep 30, 2019
Washington State
Here's your chance to add a not very common flava rubricorpora to your collection. Importing plants from Mike King is easy enough, but the plants need years to really settle in and return to full growth. This triple growth division was imported years ago and is turning out to be quite vigorous. There aren't many plants in cultivation from Holley Fl, so here is your chance to add a harder to find plant to your collection. I generally repot my Mike King plants only every few years, so this one won't be available from me for quite some time. Go for it!

The division you are getting:

Photos taken the day this was listed. Plant divided and repotted in late January. US shipping only. Bidder will will pay $7 shipping per auction won, but I will combine shipping as best as possible for multiple wins.Plant will be shipped unpotted, wrapped in damp paper towel and shipped in a cardboard tube to protect the pitchers. I will do my best to protect the pitchers for shipping - the rest depends on USPS.

Bidding starts at $10
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