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(PAID) (Pinguiculas $50) established double growth division of Improved Black Veins, a Phil Faulisi creation

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Up for auction is a plant I got directly from Phil Faulisi several years back. It is his interpretation of an improved black veins. I don't know the parent's he used to create it, but it certainly is a beefy plant. All the black veins plants originating from Bulloch County GA are pretty short plants, and indeed this cross is very short. But it more than makes up for it with some very chunky pitchers with wide mouths. This division was taken in Jan of 2020, and has had a full grow season to establish. It's a double growth division, with tons of rhizome.

Bidding starts at $5, shipping is $8 (US only) which can be combined with my other auctions. Photos are of the exact plant you are receiving.

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This clone had no number designation when I got it from Phil
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This item has been paid, please arrange shipping
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Plant received In great condition. Auction closed.
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