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(PAID) (Pinguiculas $35)) Fixed Price Doreens Colossus Established Division - $35

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OK, i've gotten special permission to do a number of fixed priced auctions since I have multiples of this plant. If you are reading this, and nobody has called dibs, the plant is still available. To claim it, just say you want it, and it will be yours. I will be putting up a new plant shortly after this one is sold, so if you miss out, there might be another coming the next day. But don't sleep, because i don't have an unlimited supply of these.

While this is a fixed priced auction, you will need to wait until the end of the spring auction before paying and arranging shipping. Shipping will be $8 (US only) in a sealed air bag in a double boxed triangle UPS box (shipping can be combined as well). I will do my best to get this beast of a division to you safe and sound.

Up for grabs is the exact division pictured below. I obtained a number of divisions of Doreens Colossus from Karen Oudean who got them directly from Jerry Addington himself. The division in question was taken in jan of 2020, and has had a full growing season to establish and has put on considerable size. Here is your chance to get an established, giant sized division of this highly sought after plant. First three photos are of the division you could get. The other photos are of my two 24" round clumps of Doreens Colossus to show you just how large this plant can get in ideal conditions. Given it's Oreophila parentage, it loves cooler nights for me, but seems to take the heat of the greenhouse just fine for me.

You know you need this... just say the word, and it could be yours!

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This item has been paid, please arrange shipping
Plant received In great condition. Auction closed.
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