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PAID (NewspaperFort $13) intermedia

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Disclaimer: Aquatic Utricularia tend to not take shipping well. I will do my best to pack the plants in a way that minimizes the shock on them from shipping but cannot be responsible for their wellbeing if the package is delayed due to USPS. I would also recommend that you have a setup prepared for them before they arrive.

You are bidding on three Utricularia intermedia plants taken from the tub pictured. My plants have only come out of dormancy recently so they aren't showing their full potential yet in terms of growth. This species is an affixed aquatic that grows traps in the substrate underneath the water and produces leafy growth above it in the water column. I have grown them for several years in a large tub on a west-facing windowsill. The plants go dormant each year even grown indoors but never fail to come back in the spring, although I will admit I have trouble finding the turions in the winter.

Despite being a species native to the US, I have only seen it offered once for sale so don't miss your chance to grow this unique species. My pictures really don't do this species justice. A setup with a few inches of peat and maybe some sand on top to keep the peat weighed down should suffice, although I grow mine with companion plants. The white parts with traps can be planted into the peat and the green leafy parts left to grow upwards.

USA only. The buyer is responsible for paying $7 for Priority Mail postage.


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