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(PAID) (John7429 $17) Agave victoria-regina

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carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
The lengths I'm willing to go to ..... This could prove more painful for me than the plants. (Anyone familiar with Agaves will likely understand what I mean.) Up for auction are 3 pups of my choosing from my mother pot. Agave v-r seems to come in two dispositions -- those that never pup and those that, like mine, pup like crazy.
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Bidding starts at $5
US only
Bidder pays shipping (estimated at $9)
Winning bidder can contact me via pm on this site.
Hmm. Don't know why the photo isn't showing. Let's try that again ....
Agave victoria regina.JPG
This item has been paid, please arrange shipping
Left you a private message (chat), John.
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Still waiting on shipping info and shipping payment.
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shipping payment received, and pkg sent