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PAID (Herbz187 $18) collinsiae x burkeana

Nov 10, 2013
Hacienda Heights, CA USA
Up for auction is all of the plants in this pot, shipped as a plug without the pot. I purchased this plant as Drosera collinsiae 'Faryland' but recently found out that it is not true collinsiae but a hybrid with Drosera burkeana. It's a nice-looking plant with pink flowers which spreads through seed easily. These plants have been grown in pretty high humidity so it might sulk for a while if put in an environment with lower humidity but it should be able to adapt after a while. I've grown it indoors under LEDs year-round and it is very vigorous.

US only. The buyer will be responsible for $7 shipping which can be combined with other items if someone wins multiple items from me.