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(PAID) (BensBeasts $5) Powder Orange Isopods (Porcellionides pruinosus ‘orange')

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Up for auction is a colony of 25 mixed size Powder Orange Isopods (Porcellionides pruinosus ‘orange').


Not my photo, found randomly online.

Powder Orange Isopods are such beauties! They have a vivid orange color and before they shed, they take on a powdery orange color that has a bluish sheen in the right light . . . beauties! They normally sell for 10 isopods for $10.00!

Why keep isopods?
* They make great pets and are educational.
* They can be used as "clean up crews" for many larger arachnids, reptile, amphibian tanks.
* They make great feeders for small amphibians, reptiles, insect, and arachnid pets . . . and carnivorous plants!

Keeping is easy, here is a quick overview:
A 5 gallon container or aquarium easily houses a colony. They need a moist bedding of coconut 'core' or other moisture retaining substrate. Keep one side moist, one side dry (feed on the dry side). Give them places to hide under, like cork bark and other pieces of wood. They mostly eat hardwood leaves but need supplemental feedings, such as pieces of fish food, fruits and veggies. I keep mine at room temp with no supplemental lighting (they often hide from light).

Shipping is $12 for the USA.

PM with any questions!

Opening Bid $5

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