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PAID (Acro $8) $25 e-gift card to...

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Jul 12, 2001
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Up for bid is a $25 gift card to DSC (you can be a current member or use it to start). Yeah, I used their acronym so you'll read down if you don't know what that is.
(I've been meaning to post this story, so I'm sure I'll post it to the regular forum too... sorry in advance for the double post. :hopelessness: )
I started this service almost 2 months ago but only recently started using all the products I had ordered. So far, I am enjoying the products and the service! But why the heck would I auction a gift card to them here??
Long story shortest I can make it... They messed up my first order so I called them up, service was prompt and the guy on the line was very nice and in Oregon. So I think Darlingonia! (admit it... you did too as soon as I said Oregon) so I ask the guy if he had ever seen them. He said no, so I gave a quick run down of the plant and how I'd love to see them in the wild... the guy tells me he would "Look it up after I get off work."typical brush off, right? He finishes helping me correct my order. My replacement came in within a few days and on with my life I go. But wouldn't you know it, about 1.5 weeks later I get another box from DSC. Too early for my first full size box! So, what the heck? Inside of it, I find this:

Uhm... Okay, I didn't order this...
Then I see this card:

Well... that's kinda cryptic, what the heck does it mean?!!
Then this catches my eye under the packing material:

Yes, the guy actually went after work and looked up the plant... then decided it was a good idea to purchase the above book, and send it to me along with the other gifts. What company does that?!! Dollar Shave Club did that.

Starting bid $1
Shipping is free through DSC website
Bidding open to USA only (according to their gift purchase page, only redeemable there) You should also be 18 since you need to sign up for the service.
PM with any questions
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