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PAID (Acro $32) Yokohama Kate - terrestrial orchid

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Oct 30, 2016
Washington state - 7b
Up for bid is a monster division of Beltilla Yokohama Kate. I divided my mother plant in half, and settled the offset for auction into a gallon nursery pot last month. It has started emerging, and will have some nice growths by the end of May. It’s actually already tight in the gallon pot. I’ll unpot for shipping so the auction winner can re-home it in a pot that can handle a year or two of growth. I just use regular potting soil with some pumice in it - no special orchid mix needed.

This is a VIGOROUS plant that throws high arching stems of pink blooms that last until mid-summer in my climate.

Opening bid is $8, buyer pays priority shipping: $16.00.

I can only ship to addresses within the US. PM with questions.

Division in April:
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