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P. Moranensis Color Question

I was just wondering if anyone who has grown these could give me some information on this. Do all varieties of this plant turn to that reddish/copper tinge when exposed to enough light, or do some stay green?
i have had lots of moranensis of the same form growing everywhere from my bright window sills,the sunniest (full sun) part of the greenhouse and in a pot with some nepenthe's almost completely shaded and i never noticed a color change they were all still bright green which i think looks very nice on a ping, however i had a moranensis with some red highlighting or "streaks" if you will, and it was on of the most gorgeous plants i have grown (ping wise!) unfortunately some chipmunk also thought it looked lovely to take home! But its hard to tell i guess its a guessing game on what forms will turn copper in full sun, try using Bobs CP photo finder witch i believe has the different forms of moranensis in pictures and some are bound to be different colorations.... Hope this helped! :p
Hi DroseraLover, I have a couple of seed grown P. moranensis that remain green, even under bright light.

Here is a pic of a couple of P. moranensis in the upperpots and a pot of P. laueana in the pot below for comparison.


Most mexi-pings will revert back to a yellow/green color during dormancy or will be a much paler version of their colored up selves when they are actively growing.

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Thank you both for replying to my thread! I will have to make sure I note the variation on my future Moranensis purchases. I do have a few colorful Moranensis species now, but I want to add a few more for flower diversity.
Gorgeous pings!
For those of you interested in colorful rosettes for P. moranensis, look for P. moranenis var. rosei.

Those will color up nicely under lights.

Or if you are brave enough to grow them out from seed, BCP still has the red rosettes locale available in seed form.

Here are how some of those turned out for me.


They can vary in color from pinkish to dark red and anything in between.


They all are going into flowering mode, so I have my pollinating tools handy.

P. moranensis SG


oh my gosh!! someday my pings will be as beautiful, thanks for sharing. how old are things pings?
PS3, these seed grown P. moranensis were sown back in 2011.