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p. moranensis and medusina for trade


Two large pings for trade. Each pot has at least two or three large pings in it. Open to anything for trade.


P. medusina

P. moranensis
Very tempting! What are you doing to the medusina that it is thriving? I can't my little stub of a plant to do do anything?
I'm afraid I can't take much credit. I've had them for a few months. (The photo date is wrong--I took the pic a couple of weeks ago.) They seem happy though. I have a few of each. I keep them in my gh, temps in the 70s-80s by day, 50s at night. Humidity around 70 %, part sun, with a couple of centimeters of water in a dish for them which I let dry out a bit.
Maybe it wold do better in a terrarium environment?
Any left?
hi, i know that this is almost 10 years too late! but would you still have any pinguicula medusina left? thanks!
You know it's funny, P. medusina was really common about 10 years ago, its fairly easy to grow and very prolific but now it's hard to find one for anything like a decent price. Strange.