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P. grandiflora

Due to the fact that they live inside, my temperate pings wake up at odd times of the year..... :D

Very nice ! Mine are starting to die back.I removed some leaves from my oldest plant and I have a bunch of gemmae around its hibernacula.
Cool, never knew you can grow temperate ones indoors:)
I've had these guys indoors for probably 3 years, and had them go through about 5 seasons...... I get a lot of gemmae and extra plants....... I've kept only the 5 biggest ones, and sell the rest.
I also have P. vulgaris from seeds going through the same treatment, and they grow fast...
Cool,I started the season with one plant and about 15 gemmae.I'll have plenty so start a few more mini bogs come springtime.I mulch them a bunch starting with pin needles then on top of that a big pile of oak leaves.I tried just keeping them in our greenhouse and then covering them if it got cold but I lost too many hibernacula doing it that way so just cover them and they do alot better.Temperate pings are my favorite CP's !
Maybe at some point we can swap plant material.I'd like to try to get seeds from mine next year.
I'm personally hoping to get my P. vulgaris big enough this season so that they flower next year, and I can make P. x scullyi.