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Hello friends,

Finally, last weekend i had the long waited oportunity of visiting P. elongata on its natural habitat, and to add to the excitement almost all plants were blooming. It was an unforgetable experience

Here are some pics of the plants and flowers. The pictures in habitat are blurred because there was a lot of wind.


More on the following links (I warn you, The last one is a big file)

Pic 2

Pic 3

Hope you enjoyed.
Those are the best pics I have seen of that species(I have seen others, believe it or not).
A bunch of us have been trying to get this one into cultivation, but I am not sure if any of the seed I received and ave to tissue culture people was viable(though it looked good under the microscope, I'm told).
Any other cp in the area?

Hi Griffin,

There are no other CPs on the area, and i am surprised a Ping grows there.

It is at the top of a mountain, at an altitude of 3200 meters over sea level and there are strong winds all day, the temps usually drop to near 0 Celsius all nights, all year. THis habitat is what is called a 'Paramo' and only small plants and grasses can grow there.
Hello Everyone,
Ed Read here, I just discovered this website/list.

Thank you UtricSeb for sharing these photos and site information. The paramo habitat sounds very difficult to replicate and may have something to do with the problem of seed germination. I take hope from hearing that it is in cultivation in Japan.
The seed indeed looked good under the stereoscope. It wasn't crushed and appeared to have plenty of internal moisture. I always check these things before putting seed in vitro and I was very happy with this seed.
After a month or so of no germination I put half the seed in a refridgerator. After one month I took one container out and exposed it to our outdoor temps. Three weeks have passed and I have no germination under any conditions. I'm sure when someone has luck with the seed it will be a big announcement.
What fun!
Has anyone tried GA3 with these seeds? Some of the most difficult CPS from seed, germinate rapidly with GA3 treatment.
GA3 may be a upcoming experiment if I am lucky enough to get new seed. TC seemed like the most sure-fire way. This may be a slow, painful process of elimination in getting this into culture.


It is very interesting that this plant is hard to germinate. I don't imagine what it would be that triggers germination, maybe cool nights are needed, or maybe the seed just takes a long time to germinate.