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Overnight growth...

  • Thread starter Wamdar
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Did not expect the plants to wake up so soon!

I love it before the pitchers pop open!
Sweet pipes... A leuco?

Where are you located and what has your weather been doing? Just curious.. you have me wondering if my plants are going to wake soon. :S
Hey guys, the pitcher popped open th next day! Corey, I live in the greater Los Angeles area and my temps are 75 daytime with 50-55 nights. It's very dry and windy, I keep them in my cold frame which keeps the water from evaporating in 30 seconds. My plants might be jumping ahead due to the spring like weather...my dormant drosera have also come out of dormancy and are putting out their carnivorous leaves!
Climate change: what an interesting scoundrel. We are sitting pretty at a balmy 60 degree Fahrenheit today, but our lows keep dipping into the thirties. Guess I will have to wait for my first pitchers flowers in comparison. ;)

That said, I would be glad to give you some of our daunting humidity this summer. Turns out living on an old, drained swamp makes for humidity in the 80-90% range most days. Lucky plants, eh? Not lucky me. :S