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Osmocote for Pinguicula?

I have come across threads in other forums and one old thread in this one with people claiming they use osmocote pellets for their pinguicula plants. Has anyone else had any experience with this?

I went ahead and put some with my Pinguicula Moranensis var. Caudata plant since it was once heavily fertilized, had soil that was water-logged, and was infested with nematodes at the nursery it came from. I figure if it can survive being treated like that, it will not mind two pellets in its pot.

Anyway, I would appreciate any input or stories relating to this. Thanks!
Hmm, keep us apprised of its progress. Doesn't seem to me the short sparse roots of pings would be adept at absorbing nutrients from the soil but I guess you never know till you try. I know I've heard of people having success using omsocote with neps and sarrs.
Never use osmocote, but look like no problem using maxsea spray occasionally.
I've used regular cactus mix with fertilizers in it for temperate Pinguicula like P. macroceros but not with Mexican Pinguicula.
Tried Osmocote on Pings with limited results. The roots are really underdeveloped and don't really access much of the soil profile throughout the pot.

Foliar sprays are a much better way of introducing nutrition for them.
Thanks for the input everyone. Keep the suggestions coming!