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Osama is Dead

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The problem with Al-Qaeda, is that it is less of an organisation, and more of an ideology... we just killed a head on the hydra... shame there's a million more out there that are just as dangerous as Bin Laden, who are even closer to home. You can't stamp and an idea down from the top - a grass-roots strategy is the only way to solve the issue, through the all important tool of education.
If the west really wants to settle it once and for all, we need to be looking at integration and education, both internationally and nationally. Just my 2 cents, anyway.

that pretty much sums it up......have had alot of friends and family over in the sandbox.......but if we walk away now we will be dealing with another 9-11 in 10 or 15 years.....we had 9-11 cause we just walked away from Afghanistan after helping the ppl there beat the Russians in the early 80's.......walking away sounds good in principle but really does not work in the real world....
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absolutely tasteless and for this reason i must post them.....cause they crack me up....


dont know why but these rant clips crack me up everytime
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Can`t resist

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Omg, this stuff is hilarious :awesome:
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LMAO! I saw some of this stuff on memebase... Some people are making T-shirts with these pics!!

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Just celebrating Cinco de Mayo in California with a Bin Laden cocktail -- two shots and a splash of water . . .