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Opinion On An Unnamed CP Seller

I would like to ask for opinions concerning an overseas CP seller but would be violating forum rules if I attempt to add the name of the seller so you can PM me to get the name and respond. The CPUK group has good things to say and mentioned that the plants are smallish which doesn't bother me. I realize I am taking a risk based on the cold weather but he assured me that the package would be packed well and include a heat pack. I will use the quicker shipping service to make use of the heat pack.
You can talk about international sellers. Who are you referring to?
I've ordered from them before. The Nepenthes I got from them were smallish, but in good condition. As for their sundews, I only ordered petiolaris sundews from them and I only have two plants left from them. One is doing well and the other is barely hanging on. I know a lot of people had bad luck adjusting their plants after receiving them.
Last thing I would be doing is ordering plants from across the world in the winter. Heat pack works great until it sits in customs for a few days, loses heat and then gets sent to you. My advice, be patient and wait another 2-3 months and there wont be any concern for frozen plants. Didn't you just receive frozen plants in the mail?
their plants/seeds are usually overpriced. sometimes you can find a much bigger plant for half the price, that's how overpriced they can be. i only buy nepenthes from them because they have a huge list and they ship fast. the plants differ, sometimes you get really robust ones and sometimes tiny weak ones. however, their plants are usually small compared to some other vendors. also they never send extras. i've been shopping from them for years and i haven't received a single bonus plant. overall i'd say there are much better vendors out there but if you need a reliable/fast shipping or a specific plant, czplants may suit your needs.
You're not gonna make another order in the middle of winter are you?
None that I will admit to.....ha!
I already talked to the guy and he insists on shipping when the temps improve so he appears to be a credible seller. I will also be giving Wistuba some business in March. OCD fuels my interests and people without that couldn't possibly understand. I do however appreciate having a place full of knowlegable enthusiasts to draw on and as always, thanks for the responses.
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I have to post a very positive review for CZ plants. I've ordered seeds from him several times with no problems. There is always a tracking number to follow your shipment. My last order was lost by the US post Office. It shipped on April 20th. It cleared customs and left a certain Post office May 1st and disappeared. One month after shipping, it still had not arrived.

I contacted CZ Plants and he shipped a replacement order on May 25th.

I contacted the USPS and filed a complaint and investigation request. The package was retrieved from somewhere and delivered June 1st, one month after it left the last known location. There was no damage to the package, no reason or explanation for the delay. 6 weeks from shipping to limbo to arrival.

The replacement package, shipped May 25th, arrived one day later than the original on June 2nd.

I contacted CZ Plants and offered to pay for the replacement order since the problem was not his fault. He declined to bill me for the 2nd shipment. He was courteous and professional every step of the way. I recommend his company highly.

Good growing,
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How have you found the quality/freshness of the seeds, Shadowtski (especially if you ordered rarer species)? I've heard mixed reports from others.
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These seedlings were from a 10 pack of seeds.


There's considerably more than 10 seedlings so that seed must have been exceedingly fresh :-D
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I've heard that about D. filiformis too. You sow 10 seeds and get 15-20 plants.
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I just counted and there's over 40 seedlings
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I haven't counted except for Drosophylum but I feel confident the quantity is as advertised or better. Freshness seems OK. I just had some D. capensis "Bain's Kloof" germinate that I got from him. He sells some species that you can't find elsewhere. I have nothing but good to say about him.

Good growing,